Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez – Review

A captivating yet controversial three-part Netflix documentary that focuses on the life and ultimate downfall of Aaron Hernandez, a rising star within the NFL who was convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd and also accused of murdering two others. The documentary delved deep into Aaron, his family, upbringing, employer, sexuality, potential CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and much more. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez is currently streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

For me, it was tricky to try and understand why a young, rising star with the world at his feet would entwine himself in such petty, lowbrow crime – but that’s what I found myself constantly thinking about while watching this tale of Aaron Hernandez. Another shocking thing of note was the type of people Aaron found himself constantly with – they were people that relied on his name, money and fame – had he been surrounded by different people then who knows where the former Patriots star would have been.

That of course doesn’t excuse him of the crime he was convicted of. Odin Lloyd, the victim of a cold-blooded murder by Hernandez, was painted as a hero throughout the documentary. Odin was adored by his family and also close friends, who did a great job of portraying what kind of man he was. The mother of the victim showed class, honour and dignity throughout too, something that you don’t always see in cases similar to this.

It was pretty obvious that Aaron grew up in an unstable family home, with neither parent being portrayed as a good role model by the documentary makers. His traditional, strict and sometimes abusive father was seen as dominating the household and that could have struck fear in Aaron, who may have struggled to truly open up and be himself around his father. Somebody Aaron was close to however, was his cousin Tanya Singleton – a lady that was important to Aaron and something I believe some people overlook.

When originally hearing about the release of this documentary, something that caught my eye was the fact that it was created by the same team that made “Making a Murderer” and “Evil Genius”. Terrific documentaries that were well researched, well made and captured the minds of millions. On a whole, I felt this documentary was done well, even though there could be an argument for merging episode one and episode two, as the pair crossed over on timelines and information fairly frequently. With that being said, episode three was where things picked up somewhat – CTE was really pushed onto the viewer with medical professionals examining and speaking freely about the trauma that Aaron had suffered from an extremely young age and the consequences it could have caused.

Ultimately, this was a really well made documentary, with several theories stemming from it. For sure, it was potentially a shade too long in run-time, and it some cases it left you with more questions than answers, especially after exploring a multitude of complex but intriguing avenues.

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