Running with the Devil (2019) – Review

After a batch of cocaine being smuggled all the way from Colombia to Canada (via the United States) is curiously lost along the way, the head of a drug cartel instructs one of his workers to figure out where and what exactly went wrong in a bid to ensure it never happens again. Cook (Nicholas Cage) is the worker in question and must attempt to find out who is meddling with the batch, especially when people taking the drug suddenly start dying. A fairly short and easy movie to follow that does a great job in keeping the viewers interest from the start.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Director: Jason Cabell
Writers: Jason Cabell
Starring: Nicholas Cage, Laurence Fishburne

Prior to watching the movie, I was curious as to whether some of the harsher critics regarding Running with the Devil were justifiable or not, but as far as Netflix productions go, there’s been far worse over the years and there will certainly be far worse in the future.

I found the storyline on a whole to be relatively interesting and gripping at certain points when as a viewer you weren’t too sure of what was going to happen next. It’s worth noting that the writer and director, Jason Cabell, is a former Navy Seal and it’s been documented that the movie was inspired by true events – some of which were shocking, brutal and somewhat unexpected.

From a viewer standpoint, following the journey of the batch of cocaine from one country to the next and seeing the rising cost was rather fascinating, especially when you expected law enforcement to step in and shut the operation down at any given time. The filmmakers also did a great job of demonstrating some of the desperate lengths normal, everyday people will go to for the successful transportation of the drug.

In terms of the surprisingly strong cast, each character did a good job in their adopted role. As earlier mentioned, Nicholas Cage starred as the “Cook” while Laurence Fishburne also appeared but in a more selfish role as an unhinged drug addict that was heavily involved in the sale of cocaine. Barry Pepper also featured – taking up the role of the “Boss” who was the leader of the cartel.

Ultimately, a really decent flick that involved violence, double crossing and some plot surprises thrown in there too. For sure, it may not be winning awards anytime soon, but it definitely won’t have you switching over out of boredom either (despite the rather cliché ending)…

“You have gambled. You have lost. It’s over.”

Cook – Running with the Devil

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