Lost Girls (2020) – Review

An intriguing story that revolves around Mari Gilbert (Amy Ryan), whose daughter disappears mysteriously and draws little to no action from local law enforcement. Because of this, Mari decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate her daughter’s disappearance, before later unearthing several other missing or murdered young girls in the same area. It’s worth noting that this review was based solely on the movie I watched at the time and not the true story it was based off.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Director: Liz Garbus
Writers: Robert Kolker, Michael Werwie
Starring: Amy Ryan, Gabriel Byrne

In terms of the plot that Lost Girls was hoping to convey, it was extremely easy to follow, understand and appreciate, but sadly I found large parts of the movie to be very dark, miserable and at times tiring, with very little actually happening. As mentioned, the story may have been easy enough to follow but it was also fairly slow at times and made you wonder whether or not this would have been a better success if it had been made into a documentary rather than a feature film like many critics have noted.

Something else to note was the fact that an agenda was most definitely at play throughout. The agenda being the incompetency of the police force in charge of investigating the disappearances and eventually the murders of the young girls. With that being said, it’s easy to understand why there was an agenda at play, especially when you began seeing, hearing and understanding how law enforcement referred to many of the girls as just “prostitutes”, rather than as individuals. Another primary example came late on in the movie when a key discovery is made one year on in the case, just meters from where the police had originally suspected foul play.

With that being said, something the filmmakers did brilliantly was entice hatred towards certain characters within the film. Peter Hacket (Reed Birney) was highlighted as being a prime suspect in the murders and his on-screen presence and general vibe was extremely unsettling and awkward. As a character, he was exceptionally unlikable and was somebody that you hoped was about to face his comeuppance at any given moment. Elsewhere, Amy Ryan did a fine job as Mari Gilbert and was the driving force throughout most scenes.

While the acting performances may have been pretty solid, most, if not all, of the main characters were fairly difficult to like on a whole, which for me, ruined parts of the movie. On the flip side however, it’s easy to understand why you’d sympathise with the families of the missing and murdered young girls as throughout the movie you got a taste of the pain and hardships they were going through.

Overall, nothing really stood out after watching this one, but as it was based on a true story, I certainly felt like it was a worthy watch. If a true story with a good lead performance would interest you then Lost Girls could be something for you. It’s also worth noting that this is currently streaming on Netflix.

“My daughter didn’t run away… She’s missing.”

Mari Gilbert – Lost Girls

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