Love. Wedding. Repeat (2020) – Review

When a group of friends find themselves at a beautiful, picturesque wedding in Rome, the bride’s brother, Jack (Sam Claflin), must ensure his sister’s big day goes as smoothly as planned after an angry and seemingly destructive ex-boyfriend arrives to cause chaos. He must do this while trying to juggle other troubling events that pop up too, while also attempting to find his happy ever after. A half decent production with a fairly unique premise, but probably not a movie that many will remember months from now.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Director: Dean Craig
Writers: Dean Craig, Francis Nief, Christelle Raynal
Starring: Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Eleanor Thompson, Joel Fry, Tim Key

After having my Netflix subscription for little over 3 months, I’ve quickly come to the realisation that not every feature film the company make and release to the public is quite worth the time and effort. Love. Wedding. Repeat sits firmly on the borderline of whether this was worthy of the one-hundred minute runtime or not.

To its credit, the multi-timeline aspect of the film was something that stood out and was more than likely the highlight of the entire flick. The principle was great, but sadly I don’t think the execution was all that convincing. Something worth mentioning is the fact that I believe the film would have been far more appealing if the filmmakers decided to show more than just two different outcomes to the wedding day rather than focusing greatly on the first instance of the wedding and the comedy surrounding it, before quickly focusing on the second outcome.

Throughout, it struck me that many of diverse characters involved were trying extremely hard (maybe too hard) to produce the laugh out loud moments the filmmakers intended but in reality, this wasn’t a laugh out loud kind of movie and much of the comedic moments felt a little forced rather than natural. With that being said however, it still managed to come across as fairly watchable at times in a strange kind of way. The beautiful setting and credible acting performances helped considerably.

The entire cast were somewhat unknown to most but as mentioned, Sam Claflin adopted the lead role as the brother hoping to save the day and he did a really solid job, especially when supported by Olivia Munn who played Dina, the love interest of Jack. Their chemistry was relatively convincing and somewhat believable, which made the film slightly easier to watch and made you invest in their storyline. Elsewhere, the supporting cast was extremely large, but both individually and as a group, they seemed to do well with the script at their disposal.

In summary, if you’re looking for a light-hearted film with an easy to follow and understand storyline, along with a reasonably predictable but satisfying ending, then this could be something of interest.

“You think I wanted to sit next to my ex-girlfriend at my sister’s wedding?”

Jack – Love. Wedding. Repeat

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