The Invisible Man (2020) – Review

After Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) manages to escape from the clutches of her former partner, he then surprisingly takes his own life and leaves her some of his fortune, only for things to become a little complicated in the process. Cecilia is then tasked with the mission of trying to explain the strange occurrences that have began in a bid to prove that she is being haunted by somebody she cannot see and not losing her mind. A fairly easy watch movie that excels in the first half before faltering somewhat in the latter stages.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Director: Leigh Whannell
Writers: Leigh Whannell
Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer

Another weekend in lockdown meant another weekend of sitting down and catching up with some of the latest releases and surprised by the amount of positive reviews for this new horror, it was time to watch The Invisible Man. Thankfully however, my hopes weren’t too high because other than one or two very well worked and genuinely scary scenes, it seemed somewhat of a let-down.

For me, the movie on a whole was just a little bit too unrealistic and included a fair amount of plot holes that weren’t explained and probably couldn’t have been explained even if the filmmakers had tried. Some of the story direction seemed a little off and some of the characters behaviour and actions seemed illogical at times too. I also found large chunks of the dialogue to be pretty poor, along with the fact that many of the personalities involved didn’t seem to have much likeability either.

With that being said however, one of the primary strengths was certainly the way in which it evoked fear and tension throughout the opening half of the film. The filmmakers did a really good job of creating a tense and creepy atmosphere and some of the early stages of the movie were genuinely scary. These moments did quickly disappear however, and as the flick wore on, the second half reminded me more of a Sci-Fi picture than promising horror.

There were also several stages of the film where it felt like it was coming to a justified conclusion, but to my surprise it just kept going. With a runtime of over two hours, I think it could have been comfortably condensed. When it did eventually end however, the closing moments will more than likely have a varied reaction, but you can’t fault the filmmakers for leaving anything in limbo – once the credits rolled, you had a good enough understanding of what had just transpired, despite the plot holes earlier in the film.

It has to be said that Elisabeth Moss did a really good job leading the movie as Cecilia and the supporting cast were pretty steady too, given the story and script at their disposal. Oliver Jackson-Cohen portrayed the former partner of Cecilia, while Harriet Dyer played Emily Kass, the sister of Cicilia.

All in all, if you don’t take this movie too seriously and head into it with an open and less than inquisitive mind then you may enjoy it, especially the first half where there’s some truly creepy moments.

“He said that I could never leave him.”

Cecilia Kass – The Invisible Man

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