99 Homes (2014) – Review

After Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) finds himself in financial hardship and consequently, sees his family evicted from their own home, he begins to work for the man that fronted the team responsible for the eviction in the first place. When he starts earning major cash from his new career venture, the future seems bright, but while juggling mixed emotions and morale decisions on a daily basis, the reality of the situation he finds himself in, quickly brings him back down to earth. A really well-made movie that is worth the watch for anyone into hard-hitting dramas.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Director: Ramin Bahrani
Writers: Ramin Bahrani, Bahareh Azimi
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon

It’s fair to say that 99 Homes is something of a different kind of film, compared to many made in Hollywood these days. To its credit, it’s an extremely thought-provoking and at times powerful flick that deals with a topic very close to home for many people sat watching. Financial adversity is something many of us have to deal with in life, and this one dives headfirst into the subject, showcasing the brutal nature of people losing their homes after falling behind on their mortgage payments – for one reason or another.

As upsetting as it may seem (and sound) most of the emotionally charged, and general moments of substance in this movie came when harmless people were being evicted from their homes. To the credit of the filmmakers, nobody was off limits – families were affected, as well as the older generation and also young children. Watching this horrible drama unfold was extremely hard to stomach at times.

Another rather impressive aspect of this film was the way in which the filmmakers managed to portray Florida at its best and also at its worst. Much of the cinematography demonstrated some of the beautiful houses Florida had to offer, while it also managed to showcase some of the worse areas too, the ones struck by poverty, where the less wealthy would find themselves living.

In terms of the acting performances, they were also a real highlight of the flick. Andrew Garfield adopted the role of Dennis Nash and excelled as the man responsible for keeping his young son and older mother safe – while Michael Shannon also impressed as the more stone-faced and ruthless realtor, Rick Carver.

On a whole, 99 Homes manages to cover many of the moral and ethical decisions that people are faced with, especially in this line of work, and quite simply this is a drama that is extremely saddening in patches. If you’re looking for a film packed out with action or a complex plot, with twists and turns throughout, you should probably look elsewhere – otherwise, give this a go.

“Don’t be soft. Do you think America give a flying rats ass about you or me? America doesn’t bail out the losers.”

Rick Carver – 99 Homes

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