The Platform (2019) – Review

When a man known only as Goreng (Ivan Massague) signs up to voluntarily become a prisoner of a vertical system that holds two people per cell, per floor, he quickly comes to the realisation that he has signed up for more than just six months of solitary confinement. Each cell has just two minutes per day to feast on the platform of food that they are presented with and the lower the platform goes, the less food there is. An unbelievably imaginative feature film that is currently streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Writers: David Desola, Pedro Rivero
Starring: Ivan Massague, Eric Goode, Antonia San Juan, Alexandra Masangkay

The Platform was a movie that grabbed my attention upon its release last year, but for some reason it took me almost a year to eventually get round to watching the highly rated Spanish flick. Upon watching however, I quickly realised that it was well worth the wait I had endured – during the entire ninety-four-minute runtime, it struck me as one of the most original and thought-provoking films I’d seen in a very long time.

Jumping head first into the storyline and plot itself, as many reviewers have highlighted previously, the filmmakers managed to bring an extremely unique premise to the table and present it to the viewer as a gore infested flick, with many hidden messages behind it, whether that was the greed that each person in society possesses, or the way in which we treat each other in our deepest moments of desperation. It’s fair to say that this was certainly a different look into society and humanity on a whole.

With that being said, I did find it difficult to place The Platform into one specific genre – as noted, it’s certainly a flick that features a heavy amount of violence and gore in general, but at the same time you could easily classify it as a thriller, because of the way in which it makes you question certain things throughout.

It’s also worth noting that there were some really diverse characters involved too, especially considering the cellmates were randomly sorted at the end of each month that passed them by. Each of them seemed to have their own distinctive features that made them either likeable or reprehensible to anyone watching. In terms of the acting of these characters, Ivan Massague did a terrific job leading in his portrayal of Goreng, while Eric Goode, Antonia San Juan and Alexandra Masangkay also appeared as Brambang, Imoguiri and Miaru, respectively.

One aspect of the film that I felt was somewhat of a disappointment, however, would have to be the latter stage of the flick – more specifically the final fifteen to twenty minutes. The gore factor stepped up a notch and the ending itself was far too wide open for interpretation for my liking. There was also the small matter of the cells within each floor being numbered in a rather untraditional manner – one being at the very top and the higher numbers being at the very bottom – something that took a little bit of time to adjust to.  

Overall, a brilliant film-watching experience and one that I’d recommend to anyone that isn’t too squeamish when it comes to frequent violent and bloody scenes.

“There are 3 kinds of people; the ones above, the ones below, and the ones who fall.”

Goreng – The Platform

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