I See You (2019) – Review

A detective and his family are terrorised by some rather strange and bizarre occurrences that seem to be unexplainable. While juggling these issues with the disappearance of a young boy in the small town they live in, things quickly become more complicated and far more sinister after the emergence of two local “phroggers”. An impressive release that has to go down as one of the best movies I’ve seen in recent months. I See You is currently streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Director: Adam Randall
Writers: Devon Graye
Starring: Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Owen Teague

It’s not too often that a movie comes along and surprises you from start to finish, but that’s exactly what ‘I See You’ managed to do over the course of its ninety-eight-minute runtime. This superb new film was able to perfectly capture and demonstrate a mixture of genres without seeming convoluted or needless at any stage, along with one or two rather interesting and thought-provoking twists thrown in there also – not forgetting the rather brilliant cinematography and camerawork on display too.

As touched upon, the filmmakers managed to explore a multitude of genres, including murder mystery, suspense, thriller and of course, horror. At times, horror flicks can seem repellent to some, but it’s worth noting that this wasn’t a traditional horror in the sense of jump scares or gore infested scenes, it was far more subtle and provided a more eerie and creepy atmosphere on a whole.

Something else that impressed me greatly was the way in which the filmmakers managed to incorporate interesting and gripping twists and turns without really leaving the viewer confused at all. There were moments where you believed the flick was heading in one direction and then something would strike, leaving you in a state of shock and awe at what had just happened, changing the path of the movie entirely.

In terms of the acting performances, it’s worth noting that Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney spearheaded the film, portraying Jackie Harper and Greg Harper respectively. Both actors did a solid job in their role, despite some baffling criticism that has been thrown Helen Hunt’s way. Elsewhere, it’s fair to say the support was of quality also, especially from Owen Teague who adopted the role of Alec.

Overall, I See You was an extremely modest movie with an extremely modest budget too – it wasn’t flash, nor was it over the top at any stage, and it certainly didn’t include any open-ended ending that left the viewer in suspense – like some movies of this nature. If you’re hoping to settle down and catch an effective thriller, with a large dose of fear included, then give this one a shot.

“I know what you are…”

Alec – I See You

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