Wind River (2017) – Review

After Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), a skilled hunter, finds the dead body of a local native American girl out in the middle of the cold, harsh terrain of the Wyoming wildlife, the town enlists the help of an FBI agent to try and uncover the truth behind what seems to be a mysterious cold blooded murder. Haunted by his past, Cory prioritises solving this mystery in hopes of fighting his own struggles from the past. A fascinating thriller set against the beautiful backdrop that is Fremont County, Wyoming.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Director: Taylor Sheridan
Writers: Taylor Sheridan
Starring: Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Jon Bernthal

Wind River is a film that I’ve wanted to watch for some time now – especially considering the fact that the director (Taylor Sheridan) was responsible for the writing of two rather memorable movies in the form of Sicario and Hell or High Water. If truth be told, Wind River didn’t quite match the expectations I’d set for it, but it was still thoroughly watchable from start to finish.

In terms of the story, it’s certainly worth highlighting the fact that this one was inspired by true events surrounding different cases of missing native American girls in towns such as the one depicted in Wind River. The filmmaker also managed to explore a multitude of different emotions and social aspects too, such as grief, anger, vengeance and the mistreatment and partial abandonment of native American’s within these areas of the United States. It could be argued that these were a little too prominent, however, especially when it came to several scenes that seemed, to me, extremely bitter and hostile between the different characters involved and their background.

It must also be said that some scenes throughout the flick were pretty shocking and at times, upsetting to watch, with the subjects of heavy violence and sexual assault being explored greatly.

There were, however, some negatives surrounding Wind River. I felt somewhat let down by the quality of the dialogue and audio in general. It was really difficult at times to comprehend what the majority of the characters were saying, along with the fact that the audio would go from being fairly quiet and largely difficult to understand, to terrifying loud when the more combative scenes arrived. I’d most certainly recommend the use of subtitles if you’re planning on watching this one.

In terms of the cast, Jeremy Renner spearheaded the film and did a great job portraying the local hunter, Cory Lambert, while Elizabeth Olsen starred as Jane Banner, the FBI agent responsible for solving the case. There was also an appearance pretty late on from Jon Bernthal, who played Matt.

Overall, Wind River seemed like a promising movie that was executed to a reasonable standard, but the dialogue and audio in general really prevented it from being a top tier movie. It did, however, remind me of Hold the Dark (2018) in some ways, so I’d most definitely recommend that if you are yet to see the Netflix release.

“You don’t catch wolves looking where they might be, you look where they’ve been.”

Cory Lambert – Wind River

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