Andre the Giant (2018) – Review

Considered by many as one of the finest wrestling documentaries ever produced, this film delves into the life and career of professional wrestler, Andre the Giant (Andre Roussimoff), who gained popularity and stardom in the 1980’s, performing in the famous, squared circle. This documentary contains footage spanning over several decades, along with recent and up to date interviews with the people that knew the man himself. Originally released in 2018, this is a very striking and at times emotional tale that is a must watch for any wrestling enthusiast out there.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Director: Jason Hehir
Writers: N/A
Starring: Andre the Giant, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Hulk Hogan

One thing that has to be said is that documentaries on Andre the Giant have been done before and they will more than likely be done again, that’s the sheer nature of the man himself. Known by most as the eighth wonder of the world and by others as Andre Rene Roussimoff, the larger-than-life icon of the wrestling industry was one of the primary reasons that professional wrestling is in the powerful position it finds itself today.

The film, which had a rather modest runtime of eighty-five minutes, not only managed to take the viewer through the many stages of Andre’s wrestling career, but it also took the viewer down the path of his personal life too. This was helped greatly by interviews from his own family members and even his only child – Robin Christensen. Multiple well-known stories about the giant were included, as you’d expect, but it also featured a large amount of unseen footage, along with untold stories too.

On the whole, the documentary started positively, exploring Andre’s childhood in France, before highlighting his eventual move to North America and discussing the constant battle he faced with the condition he was born with. The later stages of his career were also highlighted, and this led to the heavy inclusion of Hulk Hogan, who told the story brilliantly, of his own professional rivalry with Andre – of all of the people that featured, Hogan was perhaps the most important of them all, especially when it came to the wrestling industry.

As previously mentioned, the film featured many members of Andre’s family, including his brothers and daughter. As with many wrestling documentaries, however, there did seem to be a who’s who of wrestling personalities, spanning over the last few decades. Vince McMahon featured prominently throughout, talking positively about Andre, as did Shane McMahon, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler and Gene Auckland. Arnold Schwarzenegger even appeared, speaking fondly about the pairs friendship that was formed many years ago.

All in all, this historical tribute can almost certainly be regarded as a must-watch for any wrestling fan out there, and come to think of it, even non-wrestling fans too. Hopefully more content of a similar nature will be produced in the near future.

“It’s difficult everywhere I go. They don’t build things for big people. They build everything for blind people, for crippled people, for some other people but not for big people.”

Andre the Giant – Andre the Giant

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