Stowaway (2021) – Review

The highly trained crew of a spacecraft headed to Mars on a dangerous two-year mission, quickly learn that an accidental stowaway is also onboard with them, twelve-hours after takeoff. The crew are too far away from Earth to return to base, and with their own resources diminishing by the day, questions begin to arise regarding how each of the four people will finish the mission safely. Not quite as good as I had hoped and certainly not on the level of similar releases in the same genre, but watchable on the whole.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Director: Joe Penna
Writers: Joe Penna, Ryan Morrison
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Toni Collette, Shamier Anderson

Over the last decade there has been a considerable number of flicks revolving around the subject of space travel that have hit our screens. These range all the way from Gravity (2013), Interstellar (2014), The Martian (2015), Life (2017), Ad Astra (2019) and the more recent Netflix release, The Midnight Sky (2020). Well, the streaming service seem to have continued on their trend of releasing such movies, with Stowaway arriving on the 22nd of April 2020 – an eagerly awaited Sci-Fi that took just thirty-one days to film in Germany.

In terms of the story, top marks must go to the filmmakers for originality. There were no deadly and destructive aliens, nor were there any over the top, explosive moments of action you’d often associate with these kinds of pictures. Instead, this came out as a fairly slow-paced drama, set upon a spacecraft that was heading towards Mars, with some rather complex and heavy hitting morale decisions being thrust upon each of the main characters on display.

The biggest gripe I seemed to have with the flick was the sheer amount of overly dramatic and intense music being played at any given opportunity. There were a considerable number of scenes where this wasn’t really necessary, nor was it required at all. With that being said, the production value of the film on the whole was reasonably impressive, as were the visuals, which we have come to expect from Sci-Fi movies as of late.

In terms of the rather small cast, Anna Kendrick adopted the lead role as Zoe Levenson, with Daniel Dae Kim and Toni Collette adopting the roles of fellow astronauts, David Kim and Marina Barnett, respectively. Elsewhere, the final member of the cast was Shamier Anderson, who played Michael Adams, the stowaway trapped upon the ship.

Having expected more heading into Stowaway, I did come away somewhat disappointed. This ultimately came off as just a pretty standard drama, set and based upon a spacecraft traveling to Mars, with very little to make you sit up and take notice of. If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, however, and sustainable to a lot of slow dialogue, then give it a go, but by no means is Stowaway a must-see.

“What are we going to do? Ask him to walk out of the airlock?”

Zoe Levenson – Stowaway

1 thought on “Stowaway (2021) – Review

  1. Pouty Saudi

    Excellent job in not spoiling much while detailing just enough. A space sci-fi that is quotidian and not heavily centered on grand ideas or much science or fiction? Count me in. I saw a YouTube video on whether Dallas and Ripley had a romantic relationship in Alien and how Scott wanted to avoid anything distracting from the tone. Not comparing the two, merely highlighting that drudgery can work in space.

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