The Tomorrow War (2021) – Review

The entire world is in disbelief and pure shock, after a small group of time travellers arrive from the near future and alert people to the fact that mankind is losing a global war against an unknown, yet deadly, alien species. Their only hope is to rely on everyday civilians to fight in the future and hopefully triumph against the evil that has been inflicted on the planet. An interestingly unique story that has a fairly long runtime, but at the same time is more than worthy of a watch. The Tomorrow War is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Director: Chris McKay
Writers: Zach Dean
Starring: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K Simmons, Betty Gilpin

Another day and another Amazon Prime Video release is upon us – this time in the shape of The Tomorrow War. On the face of it, a good old fashioned Sci-Fi picture that centers around deadly alien’s invading Earth and causing as much chaos and devastation as physically possible – oh and let’s not forget the numerous forms of time travel to go along with it.

Various aspects of the film stood out to me, but the outstanding special effects created by the filmmakers and sheer quality of the visuals on display were the most noteworthy. There were also some very effective combative scenes too, with many people classing this as a popcorn movie – not an opinion I would argue against, especially if you’re capable of suspending your sense of realism and enjoying this for what it is.

A couple of minor things that did stand out to me throughout the flick however, were firstly the subtle attempts of humour being injected at various different points of the film, and secondly the poor quality of the audio mixing. A fair majority of the humour seemed to work like a treat, but some of it seemed a little out of place and overdone in patches, while the sound seemed extremely loud when it came to the special effects, but uncomfortably low quiet when it came to the dialogue from each of the characters.

In terms of the cast, Chris Pratt starred as the main man, Dan Forester, with a very large support cast assisting. That support cast was primarily fronted by the likes of Yvonne Strahovski and J.K Simmons, who portrayed Muri Forester and James Forester, respectively. Elsewhere, Betty Gilpin appeared as Emmy Forester, while Sam Richardson adopted the role of Charlie, one of the many number of men sent out to fight in a bid to save the human race.

Overall, The Tomorrow War managed to provide us with a pretty original plot, some nicely made special effects and a plethora of entertaining combative scenes along the way. It might not have been perfect, and the one-hundred and forty-minute runtime may have seemed a little long in length, but it’s probably not the worst movie choice you could make. As previously mentioned, The Tomorrow War is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

“I will be back…”

Dan Forester – The Tomorrow War

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