Hitman (2007) – Review

A genetically engineered gun for hire, known only as Agent 47, is hired by a group labelled “The Organisation”, before he becomes quickly ensnared in a political conspiracy. Agent 47 is then hotly pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he travels across Eastern Europe in a bid to uncover the truth behind what’s really going on. An impressive action-based flick that sometimes gets overlooked by critics. Hitman is currently streaming on Disney+.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Director: Xavier Gens
Writers: Skip Woods
Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Robert Knepper, Henry Ian Cusick

Before Hitman: Agent 47 (2015), the big budget, blockbuster release from 2015, there was Hitman, the highly anticipated 2007 production, directed by Xavier Gens and starring Timothy Olyphant. Hitman stood as the cinematic introduction to the extremely successful Hitman gaming franchise.

One of the positive aspects of Hitman came in the form of the action-packed scenes that seemed almost relentless in nature. There were rarely moments of boredom, with explosive scenes and an ungodly amount of mindless violence thrown into the mix. The picture also boasted numerous diverse filming locations, with the bulk being shot in Bulgaria – other locations included the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and even Turkey. Some people, however, did bemoan the fact that the film wasn’t authentically Russian and shot entirely there, seeing as the story was supposedly based in the gritty underbelly of St. Petersburg.

In contrast to some of the positives, however, were the negatives – primarily the convoluted and at times, rushed, plot put forward. It seemed to me like the filmmakers were trying to fit more than what was required into such a modest runtime of one-hundred minutes. Somewhat understandable, but at the same time frustrating, seeing as this was some peoples first introduction into the Hitman franchise.

As previously mentioned, Timothy Olyphant starred as Agent 47 himself, taking up the majority of screen presence, while there were also appearances from Dougray Scott and Michael Offei who portrayed the two detectives tracking the agent, Mike and Jenkins. Elsewhere, Robert Knepper and Henry Ian Cusick also starred, albeit it smaller, less prominent roles. 

For sure, some of the acting wasn’t world class, nor were the accents demonstrated by some of the actors on display, but if you’re sustainable to half decent action films, showcasing parts of the world that don’t include North America, then there’s a solid chance that you’ll enjoy Hitman. It’s also worth noting that Hitman is currently streaming on Disney+.

“Stop talking or I’ll put you back in the trunk.”

Agent 47 – Hitman

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