The DC Review Blog is a WordPress hosted blog, ran by myself, aimed primarily at reviewing all things entertainment – this includes movies (both new and old), television shows and possibly more in the near future.

As an IT worker, I’ve always had a keen interest when it comes to creating and maintaining websites, and with a love for writing and entertainment too, I decided to start a website tailored to those things, hence opening The DC Review Blog in January, 2020.

It has to be said that the initial aim of opening the site was to try and become competent at reviewing movies and television, with a hope of building some form of glossary that could act as the foundation to the website. The first review that I actually compiled was of The Mule – (2018) starring Clint Eastwood. To say writing a movie review was a learning curve would be an understatement! It most certainly took me a month or two to get into the swing of things and pick up certain tips from other similar blogs alike, along with dropping some bad trait’s too.

Even from being a child and growing up in the 1990’s, I remember fondly films such as The Breakfast Club, Robocop and Hook, along with television shows like Knight Rider. Nowadays, I tend to find myself gravitating towards drama, thriller, space or war based genres, with a deep love for the occasional western too – which brings me to the next part – my favourite movie!

When it comes to that question, I tend to give the same answer and that’s Black Hawk Down. But truthfully, I find it so difficult to pick just one film that outshines the rest, especially when there’s so many different genres to chose from and movies that have stayed with you for a lifetime. In regard to my favourite television show however, that answer is a little easier – Prison Break.

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The Glossary (A – Z) page will highlight each review that has been written in alphabetical order along with a link to the review itself. You can find the Glossary here.

Movie Review of the Month

Each month there will be a “Movie Review of the Month” selected and highlighted on the right hand side of the website. The movie selected can be either new or old, but the review has to have been written by myself within said month, with the aim of listing each of the twelve winners at the end of the year as a yearly summary.

Star Rating System

As with most sites that review movies and television shows, there is a star rating system that is used, with half a star being the lowest rating and five stars being the highest.


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