Going in Style (2017) – Review

Riddled with money woes, three lifelong friends risk it all by undertaking the daring task of stealing cash from the very same bank that absconded their pension funds after grafting for over thirty years. There is a problem however, none of trio have experience in breaking the law or even handling a gun, let alone stealing millions from a bank in broad daylight. An easy to watch and light-hearted comedy with an outstanding cast that is currently streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Director: Zach Braff
Writers: Theodore Melfi, Edward Cannon
Starring: Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman

It’s not often that three well respected and established actors get together in an easy to watch comedy but that’s exactly what happened with Going in Style. For sure, this isn’t slapstick comedy by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it hilarious, but it is a simpler, more straightforward approach to humour and something that will leave most viewers smiling throughout most parts.

The filmmakers do a good job in creating sympathy for the three main characters, especially the character of Willie Davis (Morgan Freeman) who seems to be suffering from the early stages of cancer, couple that with the fact that each of the trio were effected greatly by the fact that each of their pensions had seemingly been stripped away from them and you have yourself a motive that most will be able to understand and get behind.

Couple the sympathy with that fact that each of the characters have great chemistry and you have yourself a likeable cast. Let’s not forget the script and dialogue too – none of it was too crude or vulgar like many films of this nature can be nowadays. There was even time to include one or two subtle but welcomed wisecracks about today’s modern culture too.

In terms of the cast, there wasn’t much to criticise at all. Michael Caine adopted the role of Joe Harding and spearheaded most of the movie and its general direction, while Alan Arkin and Morgan Freeman made up the rest of the main cast as Albert Garner and Willie Davis respectively.

Another strength of the flick was the fact that the filmmakers decided to shoot most of the film in the picturesque city of New York. Seeing New York in its full glory is always a treat and the filmmakers deserve credit for showcasing some real and authentic parts of the city that were very easy on the eye.

So, if you’re wanting to sit back and enjoy a simple, easy to watch comedy movie with elements of adventure, then Going in Style could be the right choice for you.

“My face is killing me. I never had to smile so much in my life.”

Albert Garner – Going in Style

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