Body Brokers (2021) – Review

Utah (Jack Kilmer) is a young man, invited to Los Angeles for treatment to correct his long-running issues with drug abuse. The recovering addict quickly learns that the rehab center he was introduced to, is not all about helping people at all, but mainly a cover for a multi-million-dollar operation that includes addicts recruiting other addicts that they know of. An insightful movie, more than worth the watch, but at the same time, probably not one with much kind of rewatch value.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Director: John Swab
Writers: John Swab
Starring: Frank Grillo, Jack Kilmer, Michael Kenneth Williams

In a year where new cinematic releases have been few and far between, Body Brokers provided somewhat of a refreshing change to the stale catalogue of films that Netflix currently have at their disposal. With that being said, after a pretty promising trailer was released not too long ago, Body Brokers didn’t quite seem to live up to the lofty expectations I had set for the flick prior to watching.

It’s fair to say that the film industry isn’t short of movies revolving around the subject drugs, but this one managed to provide somewhat of a unique spin on the usual tale of destruction they can cause, by focusing on the companies that exploit those addicted, for monetary gain. At times the story was bleak and upsetting, but perhaps more importantly, it was a story that had strong elements of truth from start to finish.

One thing I’d have to highlight would be the fact that the close to two-hour runtime seemed far longer, especially when you take into consideration the extremely slow pace of the film and wealth of scenes that didn’t really involve anything of substance, more specifically the scenes in the early stages of the flick. With that being said, the production level was impressive and some of the cinematography was really easy on the eye, couple that with an effective and well suited soundtrack, and it made Body Brokers more than watchable.

In terms of the cast, Frank Grillo, who recently featured in Wheelman (2017), starred as Vin, narrating the majority of the earlier scenes within the picture, but disappointingly warranting very little screen-time overall. Jack Kilmer and Michael Kenneth Williams starred as Utah and Wood, respectively, spearheading the majority of the action. Elsewhere, Alice Englert and Jessica Rothe also adopted support roles, portraying Opal and May.

All in all, Body Brokers was certainly an insightful look at how deadly drugs can be and how badly they can effect people, along with the exploitation those people face, rather than focusing primarily on the entertainment factor. It really did a good job of highlighting the dark side of America’s drug problem. Body Brokers is currently streaming on Netflix.

“Utah… Welcome to the team!”

Vin – Body Brokers

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